City Services Available Online

City Services Available Online

Many of the services offered by the City of Victoria are available online or can be requested online. 
The City of Victoria has put together a list of the City's most commonly requested applications and permits.

Building, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire Suppression and Alarm, Zoning, and Right-of-Way Permits
The building, plumbing, mechanical, fire suppression and alarm, zoning, and right-of-way permits are all available in the City’s online permit portal.

  • Sign in or create an account on the online permit portal.
  • Fill out the required information and submit the application. Certain permits may require a review before processing. If there is a cost associated with the permit, payment options include a credit or debit card (requires a 3% processing fee) or with an electronic check (no processing fee).
  • Print permit and make available onsite for inspections.
Questions about these online permits? View the Online Permits page to learn more.

Business Permits
There are several business permits that are available to fill out or download online.

Questions about the business permits? View the relevant permit page to learn more.

Resident Permits 
There are several resident permits that are available to fill out or download online.

Questions about the resident permits? View the relevant permit page to learn more.

Office of the City Clerk 

The city clerk has many statutory functions. The clerk and the mayor sign all official city documents (meeting minutes, resolutions, ordinances and more). The city clerk manages city elections and maintains official documents, minutes, ordinances, legal notices and licenses. 


The City of Victoria works to continuously review how services are provided to ensure the most innovative, cost-effective and efficient practices. 

Utility Billing 

The City of Victoria provides services for water, sewer, and stormwater utilities. Other utilities are owned and operated by other jurisdictions. 

Questions about utility payments? View the Utility Services page to learn more.

Code Enforcement 

Ordinances adopted by the City Council are compiled in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Victoria. 


In the City of Victoria, there are county and state roads in addition to city streets. The City of Victoria works collaboratively with Carver County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation on traffic and safety issues within the city.  

Parks, Trails, and Recreation 
The City of Victoria’s Parks & Recreation Department offers a wide variety of
recreation programs designed to improve the quality of life for all ages. The department also maintains the parks and trails system woven through Victoria. Through play, education, and events we grow individually and as a community. The City of Victoria Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of park facilities for the community — both residents and non-residents — to rent as a private gathering space. 

Communications is an integral part of the City of Victoria's aim for service excellence and transparency. Stay up to date with current City of Victoria Communications by visiting the social media pages or signing up for the city news.

Human Resources 
There are multiple ways community members can get give back to the City of Victoria and surrounding areas --- from volunteering to potential staff positions.

Public Safety 
The Victoria Fire Department strives to minimize the impacts of hazardous and medical emergencies to our citizenry with integrity and compassion. The City of Victoria contracts police services with the Carver County Sheriff’s office. The contract policing allows the City of Victoria to partner with the county and leverage resources together to share and reduce costs.

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