Transportation Projects

Transportation Projects

Upcoming Transportation Projects
Arboretum Area Transportation Plan

The Arboretum Area Transportation Plan (AATP) resulted from a study to address transportation needs and priorities in Chaska, Chanhassen, and Victoria. The study began in March 2019 and wrapped up in early 2021 with approvals from the cities and the County.

Highway 5 Improvements Project   
The Highway 5 Improvements Project will expand the highway from two to four lanes west from Highway 41 in Chanhassen to Downtown Victoria.

Key Project Improvements
  • Intersection improvements 
  • Reconstruction of Rolling Acres Road between Interlaken and 78th Street to calm traffic
  • Safety improvements for people walking, biking, and rolling including an improved crossing for the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail
Tentative Project Schedule
  • Preliminary Design: 2023-2024
  • Final Design: 2024-2025
  • Construction: Fall 2025-Fall 2027

82nd Street Project
The 82nd Street Project will complete a missing regional connection of Highway 18 (82nd Street) between Highway 41 and improve the local highway, pedestrian, and bicycle networks for projected area growth.  

Key Project Improvements 
  • Existing gravel roadway will be reconstructed into a two-lane paved highway with curb and gutter, and a multi-use trail on the north side 
  • Construct a roundabout at Bavaria Road and 82nd Street 
  • Studying potential roundabout at McKnight Road as well as a connection to Lyman Boulevard to the east that includes a crossing over the Chaska Ravine Trail
Tentative Project Schedule 
  • Preliminary Design: Spring–Fall 2023
  • Final Design: Fall 2023–Summer 2024
  • Construction: Fall 2024–2025
    • Construction anticipated to begin in late Fall 2024
    • Most road work will occur during the 2025 construction season 

Downtown West (Hwy 5/11) Improvement Project  

The City of Victoria, in partnership with Carver County and MnDOT, is planning improvements to the intersection of Highway 5 and 11 (west) and the surrounding area. The Downtown West (Hwy 5/11) Improvement Project improves safety, traffic flow, and downtown access to support the needs of the area as it continues to grow, including the Downtown West Expansion project. 

Key Project Improvements 
  • Construct roundabout at intersection of Highway 5 and Highway 11 (west) 
  • Potentially construct roundabout on Highway 11 at northwest entrance of Downtown West
Tentative Project Schedule 
  • Study: Summer–Fall 2023
  • Preliminary Design: Fall 2023–Spring 2024
  • Final Design: Spring 2024–Spring 2025
  • Construction Begins: 2025

Highway 11 Project - Carver Park Reserve 

Carver County is leading the Highway 11 Project - Carver Park Reserve, the planned pavement preservation project from the Downtown West area up to Highway 7. 

Key Project Improvements 
  • Add wider shoulders 
  • Improve road dimensions and arrangement of features 
  • Potentially add trail connecting planned Downtown West to Lowry Nature Center 
Tentative Project Schedule 
  • Final Design: Summer 2024
  • Construction: Spring 2025

Highway 11 and Highway 14 Roundabout Project 

For the Highway 11 and Highway 14 Roundabout Project, Carver County will work with the City of Victoria to provide enhanced safety and mobility at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 14.  

Key Project Improvements 
  • Construct roundabout at the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 14 
Tentative Project Schedule 
  • Design: Spring 2024 
  • Construction: August 2024–November 2024 
    • This project will use a full closure in the fall of 2024 to construct the roundabout quickly and efficiently. 

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Engineering design standards guide the planning and design of public infrastructure within the city with oversight from the City of Victoria Engineering Department.

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