One of the best ways to discover all that Victoria has to offer is to follow the trail system that winds throughout the city.

Victoria has over 32 miles of trails and sidewalks spread across Victoria, Minnesota. Each year, the system spreads further and further as it connects more and more neighborhoods.

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Explore Our Parks and Trails

Stop by the Victoria Recreation Center or City Hall to grab a Victoria Parks & Trails Map before starting out on your adventure. The map has the location of each park and trail as well as public fishing areas.

Download the digital version of the Victoria Parks & Trail Guide.

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Experience Our Trails

The City of Victoria's Parks & Recreation Department maintains a trail system that connects neighborhoods to downtown Victoria and the Lake Minnetonka Regional Trail that extends throughout the Southwest Metro Area.

View an interactive map of Victoria's trail system.

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The public trails woven throughout Victoria, Minnesota are managed and maintained by, or in partnership with, the City of Victoria Parks & Recreation Department.

Explore the City of Lakes and Parks

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